3D Production Breakdown

Phase 1: Storyboard/Animatic
The first visualization of the idea. Here, we need approval of the overall story before proceeding.

Phase 2: Blocking
In this early step of animation, we see the story in 3D for the first time and need approval of the character acting and layout. 

Phase 3: Animation
During this phase, we finalize the animation. We need approval of everything within the frame, i.e. layout, camera moves, animation, placement of elements and colours/decos.

Phase 4: Post-production
When the animation is approved, we light and render the shot and add effects and final compositing. The final audio mix will also be added during this phase.
We consider the movie finished and only need final approval, before delivering a version without preliminary stamp. 

Be aware that once a phase is approved it will be time costly to go back to earlier phases and make changes.