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Live-streaming - AVdesign


Live-production and live-streaming

We can handle productions of all sizes, and purposes. Here are a few examples of productions we have been responsible for recently:
We have handled conferences where good sound, cameras and large screens were important for the audience to get the full experience of presentations and presenters. We have also live-streamed conferences to minimize the traveling costs for the participants. We have done many product launches from company showrooms and from our sound stage, but also Chief Executives communicating internally on Yammer to employees in front of a single camera and their Power Point slides. We have done press conferences,
lectures and many other types of events.

Often events are recorded for archive or documentation, live-streamed in order to reach a larger target audience. There are endless possibilities and for each situation we put together the solution that suits your wishes and expectations.

For live streaming, we of course support all the formats and platforms you would need, like for example:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Twitch
  • Yammer
  • Teams
  • Microsoft Stream
  • Vimeo

and many others… Just reach out and we will find the right solution to meet your needs.

Why would you need us

With all these different possibilities on every smart phone, why would you need us to help with your next livestreaming?
When you are using video and livestreaming as a communication tool for either internal or external purpose, it’s important that that the quality stands out to get your message through.

Many technical details, like sound, light, camera angles, surroundings etc. can and will affect your reputation and how your communication will be received by your audience.

We always strive for the solution that suits your needs from time to time, from a single camera solution to a larger scale multicamera production.

We provide high quality, an experienced team, international standard equipment and know-how. We bring the latest streaming technology, integration of live stream and web portals together into one simple and reliable process. Removing physical limits and opening up to a global audience is the true benefit of live streaming production.

Supercharge your online meeting experience!

Online meeting platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom and others conveniently enable us to meet and get things done from a distance. This is great, especially in times of limited travel and limited physical interaction such as these.

But sometimes the meeting experience requires something ‘a little extra’ to achieve the desired outcome. Our meeting solutions include one or several high-quality cameras and microphones, which can be just what you need to ensure a successful outcome of an important meeting. 

And it is easier than you think…!

online meeting

Take your meeting experience to the next level

A good quality camera and microphone can make all the difference in an important online meeting. It frees you from your headset and the confines of your webcam and gives you the freedom to be truly present and focus on delivering your points. And It drastically improves the audio and video quality.

Ideal as a high-quality substitute for the traditional ‘talking heads’ meeting experience.

A high-quality camera and overhead or wireless microphone replace the built-in webcam and microphone. ‘Plug and play’ via USB.

Produce your own meeting with multiple cameras

Any ‘show and tell’ scenario can be a challenge when you are restricted by a single webcam or meeting room camera. With multiple good cameras and the ability to switch between them, you can overcome this challenge and cover as much as you need to efficiently convey your message. 

Switch between multiple speakers, presentations, video content and include close-ups of e.g. products or people. 
Ideal for e.g. product presentations and larger or more complex meetings hosted from one major location to individuals online. 


Two or more high-quality cameras, overhead or wireless microphones and a switching device. Plugs directly into the meeting PC via USB.

Fully portable, full service

Our meeting solutions are fully portable and can be set up and used on a location of your choice. We will make sure you feel comfortable with the equipment before we leave and will help you operate it, if you prefer.

Up your game and reduce your costs in our studio

In our large Billund studio, which easily fits 20+ meeting participants (observing the current guidelines on social distance), you have access to our full range of services and expertise. With our extensive range of equipment, backdrops, sets, sound and lighting expertise conveniently at hand, we can add new dimensions to your meeting experience and reduce costs at the same time. 

Call us for a talk about your meeting requirements and let’s find the right solution together…