The team

Lotte Thomsen - CEO, AVdesign

We love content

We started as a company primarily creating TVCs and radio advertisements. The company has evolved and the industry has changed. Our focus has turned to business and organizational communication and digital content creation for online platforms, digital signage and in-store experiences in retail stores, etc. Our goal remains to meet our clients’ needs while delivering communications and storytelling in a cost-effective and professional way.

Over the years, we have created productions for national and international markets and customers from e.g. China, Hong Kong, Qatar, USA and many parts of Europe. Our work appears on tv, ads, animated movies, social media, on the radio – and in any other place a story can be told. All different tasks, but with the main focus remaining on the customer and the content.

AVdesign was started with a devotion to the arts of storytelling and production. Today we are a team of talented creators with years of experience creating communications and storytelling. We go out of our way to bring the dedication and passion to getting every detail right. If you need anything like video, audio, animation, you name it, we have the team and facilities to get it done.

Meet the creative and visionary artists that make up our team.