Purpose built studio on 100 m2 located in Billund, Denmark. Complete with two large state-of-the-art LED screens, sound recording, light and camera equipment. We can create any virtual set you imagine or build physical sets as required. With broadcast quality, proven technology, we offer end-to-end live streaming solutions, online conferences, and other virtual events. Also, we cater for broadcast, creative content, product videos, commercials, and photoshoots.

Sound stage

Our large soundstage measures approximately 100 square meters and almost 5 meters from floor to ceiling. We have flexible backgrounds as well as green screen technology available.

The whole surface of the walls and ceiling is installed with acoustic panels that has been calculated with precision to create the most advanced soundproof sound stage, built to accustom a wide variety of different tasks.

Recording studio and speaker booth

We have a fully equipped, state of the art soundproof recording studio and speaker booth, providing us with endless possibilities for podcast productions, voice-over recordings, sound mixing, and mastering.